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Risk Audit

The final sitting of the Professional Examination under the 1997 curriculum will take place on 4 & 5 July 2011. This will be the very last opportunity to sit the 5 written papers and Risk Audit.

The deadline for applications is 23 May 2011. No application will be accepted after this date.

Anyone submitting an application after the 23 May 2011 will now be required to sit the examination under the 2003 curriculum.

Assessment for the risk audit involves a three hour open book examination.

You will be sent a case study file that briefly outlines a fictitous scenario where you will be required to make a risk audit. The scenario will relate to two or more areas of environmental health

On the day of the exam you will be given the full scenario and allowed three quarters of an hour reading time. The tasks will then be given out and you will have a further fifteen minutes to begin to prepare your response.

The remaining two hours are available for you to write your response to the tasks.