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Registration and qualification process

The academic study is reinforced by work-based learning and followed by the professional assessments. 

In providing evidence of work-based learning you need to successfully complete, either the Portfolio of Professional Practice (PPP), the Experiential Learning Portfolio (ELP) or a Hybrid of the two.

On passing your degree and all of the Professional Assessments, you will be awarded the Environmental Health Registration Board’s (EHRB) Certificate of Registration and become a fully qualified environmental health practitioner.

Students are required to register with the EHRB at least 21 days prior to making an application for any assessment. You should download and complete the registration form.

The Registration form includes a section which gives you the opportunity to become a member with immediate effect. Please note that student membership is free.

To familiarise yourself with all the requirements of the professional qualification process, it is essential that you read the Examination Regulations, which discusses the regulations of all of the Professional assessments.