The practical training logbook

Candidates working towards the technical qualifications are required to complete a period of practical training. The logbook provides the evidence of the scope and depth of that training. 

In general terms the practical training should include:

  • familiarity with industry guidance notes and codes of recommended good practice relating to food premises; 
  • techniques of inspection, including evaluation of systems, the application of HACCP principles, the reporting of inspection outcomes, etc; 
  • mechanics of enforcement;
  • principles and procedures for prioritising and scheduling food-premises inspections and updating records; 
  • techniques and procedures for taking samples of food, including water used for food purposes; 
  • exposure to a range of different types of food premises. This will include premises with a priority inspection rating of A or B, those engaged in the manufacture or processing of food and wholesalers and distributors which are classed as substantial and premises which have documented Food Safety Management systems; 
  • implementing SFBB or similar Food Safety Management Systems.

Although we will accept relevant experience and training that has been acquired within private industry, certain aspects of the training can only be properly completed while training and/or working with a Food Enforcement Authority.

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