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The Professional Interview will be conducted in the following manner:

  • You will be introduced to the two CIEH examiners conducting your interview.
  • The examiners will give you three interview scenarios and then leave you for 20 minutes to read these scenarios and make any notes you wish.
  • The interview will commence and last for up to 45 minutes.

The Interview will be based on a fictitious scenario where you will be cast in a role as an EHP (newly qualified.) This need not necessarily be in the role of a local authority EHO. It may be as a consultant, or as an advisor to a large commercial chain, or as someone working for the NHS etc.

During the interview the examiners will want you to determine an order of priority, in terms of public health significance, for the three scenarios. You will be asked to explain the reasoning behind your choice. You will then be asked to choose one of the scenarios to talk about in detail.

When you have explained your prioritisation to the examiners, you will be asked to choose one scenario to discuss in detail.

A moderator from CIEH may sit in on the interview, Do not let this disturb you; they will be assessing the examiners, and not you.

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