Technical qualification Professional Interview

Candidates working towards the HCFPI are required to complete a Professional Interview after they have successfully completed their accredited course. The interview is conducted in the following manner:

  • Candidates are introduced to our two examiners conducting the interview. 
  • The examiners will give the candidate a scenario and leave the room for 20 minutes to enable the candidate to read the scenario and make any notes they wish. 
  • The interview commences and lasts between 30 to 45 minutes.

The interview will be based on a fictitious scenario where the candidate will be cast in a role of a newly qualified food premises inspector holding the HCFPI of EHRB. During the interview the examiners will assess the candidate against the following four criteria:

  • Appreciation of the issues associated with the scenario; 
  • Application of skills to the scenario; 
  • Application of legislative requirements to the scenario; and  
  • Communication skills demonstrated at the interview.

A moderator may sit in on the interview, however their role is to assess the examiner and not the candidate.


Interview dates  

17 March 2017, London
Application deadline: 3 February 2017

22 September 2017, London
Application deadline: 11 August 2017
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