Smokefree workplaces and public places

The introduction of the prohibition on smoking in all enclosed workplaces and public places in England in July 2007 is one of the most significant public health measures the country has ever seen. 

The CIEH played a major part in securing the legislation and has been working hard to ensure its effective implementation. With support from the Department of Health we undertook an extensive training programme for environmental health professionals in the enforcement of the legislation and, together with other organisations and Government bodies we have published guidance on the main elements of the legislation and on the many questions raised by the new legislation. 

We continue to provide advice and help to local authorities on the application of the legislation. 

The CIEH is a founding member of the Smokefree Action Coalition which is a group of organizations committed to reducing the harm caused by tobacco and promoting public health. 

Guidance from the CIEH and others

Implementation of smokefree legislation in England:

Updated version of The Smoke-free (Private Vehicles) Regulations 2015 - guidance for enforcement officers and the public   June 2016
Supplementary guidance for local authority regulatory officers and businesses about the use of no-smoking signs from 1 October 2012  Oct 2012
Supplementary guidance for local authority regulatory officers on dealing with non-compliance in shisha bars  Feb 2011 
Guidance for local council regulatory officers2nd edition (NB. The first edition of the above guidance from March 2007, for reference purposes)  Jan 2008 
Associated Issues  Mar 2007 

Guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

NICE provides extensive evidence based guidance on smoking and tobacco.

To facilitate use of appropriate guidance NICE has created Pathways which map the available guidance across the areas of possible intervention:

Smoking prevention and cessation - includes guidance on smoking cessation in the workplace.

Smoking: tobacco harm-reduction approaches - includes nicotine containing products such as ‘electronic cigarettes.’

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