Please follow the links below for some key information on land contamination from other sources.


Normal levels of contaminants in soil
CIEH Position Statement, October 2014

Category 4 Screening Levels (`C4SLs`)
A Position Statement, July 2014


Reviewing HHRA reports invoking bioavailability estimates
CIEH Professional Practice Note, June 2009 


Applying the definition of "Contaminated Land" under Pt2A
Guidance by Defra, July 2008

Outcome of the “Way Forward” exercise on soil guideline values
Statement by Defra, July 2008

New model planning conditions for development on land affected by contamination
New conditions from DCLG, replacing those in PPS23 and Circ 11/95, June 2008


Contaminated land advice note (CLAN) 5/06
The extension of Part 2A to include radioactivity, July 2006

Contaminated land advice note (CLAN) 4/06
Defra update on SGVs, April 2006


Contaminated land advice note (CLAN) 2/05
Defra guidance on the use of SGVs in determinations, September 2005

Indicators for Land Contamination
Report by the Environment Agency, August 2005

Guidance on Requirements for Land Contamination Reports
Environment Agency Guidance for developers, consultants and local authorities, July 2005


Model Procedures (CRL11)
Environment Agency Guidance on the management of land contamination, September 2004

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