What does the CIEH consider research to be?

Ethically framed systematic enquiry which leads to the discovery and wider dissemination of knowledge. It enables the establishment of a credible evidence base for environmental health policies and practices both for the organisation itself (to support submissions and campaigning) and in the wider world. It encompasses research and the dissemination of research in many forms including letters, reports, write ups, reviews, self-publication, social media, articles for JEHR and other peer reviewed academic journals, specific studies, dissertations, thesis and commissioned research.

Why is environmental health research so important?

Most professions are focussed on a robust and continually evolving evidence base and for CIEH, as the environmental health professional body, this will enable us to provide leadership to develop and communicate a body of knowledge.

What is CIEH aiming to achieve with the research programme?

CIEH aims to achieve by 2020 a fully recognised professional research programme that;

  • Supports all levels of professional research that contribute to the professional body of evidence
  • Is accessible to members and to key stakeholders
  • Is responsive to and maximises research opportunities in the widest sense
  • Supports and provides seed funding for relevant bids and research proposals/ activity

What is the CIEH Research Strategy?

The CIEH Research Strategy encompasses the professional research and evidence base as well as the wider utilisation of professional intelligence that informs environmental health theory, policy and practice. Its scope reaches beyond CIEH members to the wider professional community and other relevant stakeholders.

 Research Foundations 

How is CIEH going to achieve these aims?

The CIEH will implement a five year action plan based on the three strategic pillars.

Research Strategy Group

The Research Strategy Group (RSG) was set up by the Board of Trustees and reports to the Professional Standards and Policy Committee. Its remit is to act as the main strategic focus for CIEH research and to provide the co-ordination of the five year programme. Importantly it also acts as the ethical body for environmental health research overseen by CIEH.

To contact the RSG, please email

CIEH Research code of ethics

The CIEH RSG is currently developing a Code of research guidance. More information will follow.

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