Policy notes and documents

Policy making at the CIEH is undertaken by the Professional Standards and Policy Committee (PSPC) working with the Policy Unit.

Listed below are the policy notes which have been agreed by the PSPC or previous bodies. The notes provide you with easy access to the CIEH view on specific environmental health issues.

The CIEH Policy Department also produces technical guidance notes for the environmental health profession and others. These can be found on the  CIEH publications page. 

Policy notes

Title  Publication Date  Reference No. 
Improving Air Quality  Jan 2016 EP/2016/01
Normal levels of contaminants in soil  Oct 2014 EP/2014/03
Hydraulic Fracturing   Sept 2014 EP/2014/02
Category 4 Screening Levels (`C4SLs`)  July 2014  EP/2014/01 
Electromagnetic Fields  Aug 2013 EP/2013/01
Food Policy  May 2013 FD/2013/01
Local Authority homelessness duty and the Housing, Health and Safety Rating System  Sept 2012 HO/2012/01
Business compliance and the role of regulatory services  July 2012 GN 2012/01
Daylight saving  April 2011 EP/2011/02
Charging for pest control services  Feb 2011 EP/2011/01
The regulation of the sex trade  Oct 2010 PH/2010/02
Climate change  Sept 2010 EP/2010/02
Earned Recognition  Sept 2010 GN/2010/01
Fast food outlets  Sept 2010 FD/2010/01
Child employment  Sept 2010 HS/2010/01
Drinking water fluoridation  Sept 2010 EP/2010/01
Sunbeds  Sept 2010 PH/2010/01


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