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Pests on the menu DVD

Everyday millions of people buy food from a variety of food businesses. Consumers expect their food to be safe to eat and free from disease. But is it?

“Pests on the Menu” explains how pests can spread food-borne disease and what measures you can use to minimise risk.

This updated DVD, produced for those involved in food hygiene, contains new footage and information and provides new approaches to help protect you and your customers.

“Pests on the menu” is available as a DVD at £25.00 + VAT = £29.38 each, including postage and packaging.

It is available as a single DVD is English with soundtracks in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Gujarati, Hindi, Kurdish, Punjabi, Somali, Turkish and Urdu.

It is also available as a single DVD in English with soundtracks in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Russian and Turkish.

The programme runs for 13 minutes.

Copies of the DVD can be ordered by fill in the contact form.

Pesky pests

The game has been designed to help 7-11 year olds in their understanding of public health pests in the home, with particular reference to rats and mice.

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