NPAP publications

Please find below links to publications produced by the CIEH National Pest Advisory Panel. Alternatively please visit

Pest Control Procedures Manual - Ticks 2016  April 2016
Pest control procedures in the food industry   October 2015
Pest Control Procedures Manual – Urban Gulls   April 2015
Pest Control Procedures Manual: Social insects – ants, wasps and bees  Aug 2014
Urban foxes: Guidelines on their management   Oct 2013
Pest Control Procedures Manual - Cockroaches   Apr 2013
Public Perception: Statistics that prove the essential value of public health pest control   Apr 2013
National Sewer Baiting Protocol Best Practice and Guidance Document   Apr 2013
Critical Review of the Environmental Risk Mitigation Measures for Second Generation Anticoagulant
Rodenticides proposed by the HSE
Oct 2012
The responses to the NPAP survey of 12 local authorities on environmental risk mitigation measures of SGARs   Oct 2012
A guide to carrying out an environmental assessment prior to the use of rodenticides   Oct 2012
The impact of climate change on pest populations and public health  May 2012
Pest minimisation - Pest Management for Outdoor & Mobile Catering   Feb 2012
The Perfect Storm : This need not be the end of a golden age of public health protection!  Feb 2012
Review of the use of bait boxes during operations to control Norway rats, Rattus norvegicus – a report to CIEH   Aug 2011
Pest Control Procedures in the Social Care Sector   Feb 2011
Pest control procedures manual - Bedbugs  Apr 2011
Charging for pest control services   Feb 2010
Protecting present and future generations – implementing lessons from the WHO/Euro book: Public health significance of urban pests  Mar 2010
Pest control procedures in the housing sector  Jan 2010
Good composting practice: guidance on composting without attracting rodents   Sept 2009
The role of pest management in protecting public health   May 2009
Public health issues posed by mosquitoes – an independent report   May 2009
Pest minimisation - Best practice for the hospitality industry   Apr 2009
Urban pests and their public health significance
CIEH summary (based on a WHO textbook) – 2008 - Textbook summary
The impact of climate change on pest populations and public health   Nov 2008
Pest minimisation - Best practice for the construction industry   Sept 2008


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