CIEH National Pest Advisory Panel (NPAP)

The CIEH has set up the National Pest Advisory Panel (NPAP) to take the lead in setting high professional standards for EHPs and to offer advice and guidance to those in charge of local authority pest control departments.

NPAP comprises pest management professionals from right across the environmental health community and runs an annual programme of projects, seminars and events. Its prime objectives are:

  • To raise the profile of pest management in the UK, leading to better understanding of the need for good pest management
  • To establish channels of communication throughout industry, government, local authorities and academia, leading to a greater awareness of problems and the need to set priorities
  • To improve the standards of pest management throughout the UK by promoting good practice, leading to reduced pest levels and pesticide use
  • To provide expert advice to government departments and agencies via the CIEH
  • To identify and promote research needs in the area of pest management

Training of pest controllers

The advantage of managers and technicians being registered with BASIS PROMPT 

Pests can endanger health, contaminate food and the environment and damage property. Treatments are therefore best carried by professional pest controllers because successful treatments require a high degree of knowledge of biology, habits, habitats and control methods. This is knowledge that only a professionally qualified pest controller will have gained as a result of training and experience.

To enable pest controllers to prove to customers that they meet the high standards required, the pest control industry set up the professional pest controllers register, PROMPT.

BASIS PROMPT provides an independent industry-recognised register of suitably qualified people who can genuinely claim to be professionals in public health pest control and related activities.

CIEH-NPAP, fully supports the PROMPT scheme and actively encourages environmental health practitioners who may manage local authority pest control services and pest controllers generally to be members of this scheme.

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