CIEH’s Annual Survey of Local Authority Noise Enforcement Activity

Every year the CIEH collects data on noise complaints made to local authorities and on the enforcement actions consequently taken by them. The data helps to inform policy and practice in environmental protection and public health and, in particular, the survey results provide the source of data for the Public Health England Outcome Indicator on noise. This, part of the Public Health Outcomes Framework, provides recognition of noise as one of the wider determinants of health.

The CIEH survey has now been running for almost 50 years, originally as part of research on wider environmental health activity. Its detailed format has changed over the years, with the emphasis shifting from simply monitoring the use of statutory powers to gathering more information about the sources of noise that generate complaint. It is the only annual national noise survey of its kind.

As such, it demonstrates the contribution of the CIEH and of the environmental health profession as a whole to supporting the improvement of public health. As a unique national dataset, it helps inform local and national policy and highlight this ever-important area of local authorities` work, at a time when noise is increasingly used as a barometer of a range of Government policies.

Uses to which the data are put have included informing Defra`s review of the Approved Code of Practice on noise from mobile food vendors and changes to the entertainment licensing regime made by DCMS, as well as research into the effectiveness of noise policy interventions.

Survey details

The 2015-16 annual questionnaire on noise enforcement activity for the period 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016 is now available.

The closing date for returns is Monday 1 August 2016.

Links to the key documents are given below:

For further information, contact the CIEH Policy Unit.

Survey results for 2014-15

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