How we make policy

Professional policy making is undertaken by our Professional Standards and Policy Committee in conjunction with our Policy team.

Head of Policy and Education

Tony Lewis

Policy Officers

Howard Price
Bob Mayho
Jenny Morris
Ian Gray

Support Officers

Tina Garrity

The work of our policy team includes:

  Developing and representing policy and good practice to external agencies including government
  Engaging in dialogue with decision-makers (like central and local government), regulators whose activities affect our members (like Health & Safety Executive and Food Standards Agency) and partners (like other professional bodies)
  Promoting environmental and public health at European and international levels
  Liaising with other professional bodies and non-governmental organisations
  Providing speakers for conferences and seminars
  Giving media interviews and running public awareness campaigns
  Responding to members’ enquiries
  Information-gathering and research

We have adopted a number of formal policies on key environmental health topics. These can be found in the policy notes and documents section.

We also respond to consultations produced by government and by other organisations. You can find copies of our responses in the consultation responses section.

Always open to contributions from members on professional policy matters, from time to time the Policy team conducts consultations of members of its own.

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