Food standards

Food standards cover issues such as ensuring the accuracy of labelling, descriptions of products and claims made about them, with a view to protecting consumer health. EHPs and trading standards officers are responsible for monitoring food standards, encouraging improvements and enforcing those that are legally binding. Detailed information on food standards is available from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.

View our web page Expert Group on Food Standards and Labelling for specific information in the form of published opinions.

The CIEH is a vocal promoter of improvements in food safety and food standards. Through our own initiatives, and through partnership working with a range of other organisations, we are working to achieve:

  • Legislation that is clear, risk-based and readily enforceable
  • Proportionate and consistent application of legislative controls
  • Full recognition and support for the role of EHPs in ensuring food safety and standards, both in the public and private sectors
  • Strengthening of regulator, industry and consumer partnerships to improve food safety and standards
  • Full investigation of new approaches and alternative methods to improving food safety and standards
  • Support and training to assist business in attaining and maintaining high levels of food safety and standards
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