Previous UK outbreaks

Bournemouth, May 2013

Greenmeadow Community Farm, Torfaen, Wales, April 2012

Investigation into an outbreak of Cryptosporidium infection in spring 2012

Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Centre, August 2009

Northampton, Pitsford Water Treatment Works - June 2008

Staffordshire, Oct – Dec 2007

North West Wales, 2005

  • Report of the Outbreak Control Team
    (Anglesey County Council, Anglesey Local Health Board, Centre for Research into Environment and Health, Dwr Cymru, Environment Agency Wales, Gwynedd County Council, Gwynedd Local Health Board, National Public Health Service for Wales)

Glasgow and Edinburgh, 2002

Northern Ireland, April 2001

Northern Ireland, August/September 2000

Cryptosporidiosis linked to swimming pools, Autumn 1999

Northumberland 1995 (Private Water Supply)

  • A mixed outbreak of Cryptosporidiosis and Campylobacter infection associated with a private water supply
    Reported in Epidemiology & Infection. Issue 116, pp 303-308. 1996

Torbay, South Devon 1992 and 1995

Cryptosporidium in Water Supplies. Report of the Group of Experts

Chairman: Sir John Badenoch. July 1990. HMSO. ISBN 0117523224.

Chapter 9. Outbreaks of Cryptosporidiosis.

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