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  • Guidance for the investigation of Cryptosporidium linked to swimming pools
    Public Health Wales/Health Protection Agency. February 2011
  • Water Supplies: A Practical Guide
    David Clapham.
    SPON Press, 2004. 340 pp. ISBN 978-0-415-28282-6
  • Cryptosporidium in Water Supplies. Third Report of the Group of Experts
    Chairman: Ian Bouchier. November 1998. Department of Health/Department of the Environment. Published by TSO Ltd. . ISBN 1851121315
  • Cryptosporidium in Water Supplies. Report of the Group of Experts
    Chairman: Sir John Badenoch. July 1990. Department of Health / Department of the Environment. Published by HMSO. ISBN 0117523224.
  • Preventing Cryptosporidium getting into Public Drinking Water Supplies
    DETR consultation paper. May 1998.

Journal articles

2013 2012
  • Two geographically separated food-borne outbreaks in Sweden linked by an unusual Cryptosporidium parvum subtype, October 2010
    A. Gherasim, M Lebbad, M Insulander, V Decraene, A Kling, M Hjertqvist, A Wallensten
    Eurosurveillance, Volume 17, Issue 46, 15 November 2012  
  • Outbreak of Cryptosporidiosis associated with a man-made chlorinated lake? Tarrant County, Texas, 2008
    Journal of Environmental Health. Vol 75. No.4. November 2012
  • Outbreak of cryptosporidiosis in a child day-care centre in Gipuzkoa, Spain, October to December 2011
    Eurosurveillance. Vol. 17. Issue 5. 02 February 2012
2010 2009
  • Long-term Cryptosporidium typing reveals the aetiology and species-specific epidemiology of human cryptosporidiosis in England and Wales, 2000 to 2003.
    R M Chalmers, K Elwin, A L Thomas, E C Guy, B Mason
    Eurosurveillance, Vol 14, Issue 2, 15 January 2009. pp 1-9
  • Epidemiology of human cryptosporidiosis in Ireland, 2004-2006: analysis of national notification data.
    Patricia Garvey, P McKeown
    Eurosurveillance, Vol 14, Issue 8, 26 February 2009
  • Compliance with boil water advice following a water contamination incident in the Netherlands in 2007
    I Karagiannis. B Schimmer, A M de Roda Husman
    Eurosurveillance, Volume 14, Issue 12, 26 March 2009
  • Prevalence of Giardia and Cryptosporidium in Muskrats in Northeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey
    Adenike Bitto and Abdalla Aldras.

    Journal of Environmental Health (USA) Vol 71. No. 8. April 2009 pp20-26
  • A foodborne outbreak due to Cryptosporidium parvum in Helsinki, November 2008
    A Pönka , H Kotilainen, R Rimhanen-Finne, P Hokkanen, M L Hänninen, A Kaarna, T Meri, M Kuusi
    Eurosurveillance, Volume 14, Issue 28, 26 July 2009
  • Cryptosporidium rabbit genotype, a newly identified human pathogen.
    Chalmers RM, Robinson G, Elwin K, Hadfield SJ, Xiao L, Ryan U, et al.
    Emerging Infectious Disease. 15, 829-830. May 2009
  • A swimming pool-associated outbreak of cryptosporidiosis in Staffordshire, England, October to December 2007.
    N Coetzee, O Edeghere, J M Orendi, R Chalmers, L Morgan
    Eurosurveillance.  Vol. 13. Issue 45. 6 November 2008. pp 1-3
  • Outbreak of Giardiasis and Crytosporidiosis associated with a neighbourhood interactive water fountain – Florida 2006.
    Leah Eisenstein, Dean Bodager, Dawn Ginzl.
    Journal of Environmental Health. Vol. 71. No.3. 2008 pp 18-22
  • Cryptosporidiosis Outbreak in a Nassau County, Florida, Return Travel Group from Ireland, May 24, 2006-June 4, 2006
    Rebecca Lazensky, Roberta M. Hammond, Kathleen Van Zile, Kim Geib
    Journal of Environmental Health. Vol. 71. No. 2. 2008 pp 20-24
  • A food-borne outbreak of cryptosporidiosis among guests and staff at a hotel restaurant in Stockholm county, Sweden, September 2008
    Eurosurveillance.  Vol. 13. Issue 51. 18 December 2008. pp 1-2
  • Cryptosporidium parvum infection in orphan lambs on a farm open to the public.
    G. C Pritchard, J.A Marshall, M. Giles, R.M Chalmers, R. N Marshall
    The Veterinary Record. July 7, 2007. pp 11-14 

  • Cryptosporidiosis: A recreational water threat that hasn’t gone away
    Bruce T. Clark
    Journal of Environmental Health (USA)June 2007. pp 65-66 

  • Epidemiology of Cryptosporidiosis in rural Malawi
    T.D Mores, R.A.B Nichols, A.M Grimason & H.V Smith
    Environment and Health International. Congress edition. 2007 pp.36-44
  • DWI considers crypto prosecution(reviews cryptosporidium incidents featured in the annual report for 2005 of the UK Drinking Water Inspectorate)
    ENDS Report.378. July 2006. p 21
  • Cryptosporidium outbreak linked to interactive water feature, UK: importance of guidelines
    M Jones, D Boccia, M Kealy, B Salkin, A Ferrero, G Nichols and J M Stuart

    Eurosurveillance Monthly. Vol. 11. Issue 4. April 2006 
  • Inactivation of Coccidian parasites by water purification chemicals and treatment device for campers and hikers
    M.B Lee and E.H Lee Environmental Health Review. Winter 2005. pp138-140 & p.148
  • Outbreak of enteric cryptosporidiosis in cockatiels
    Y-K Kwon, S-H Wee, J-H Kook, C-G Lee Veterinary Record. Vol. 156. No.7. February 12, 2005. pp 210 - 211
  • Prevalence and characterisation of Cryptosporidium species in cattle faeces and on beef carcases at slaughter
    E. M Moriarty et al. Veterinary Record. Vol. 156. No.6. February 5, 2005. pp 165-168
  • Outbreak of enteric cryptosporidiosis in cockatiels
    Y-K Kwon, S-H Wee, J-H Kook, C-G Lee Veterinary Record. Vol. 156. No.7. February 12, 2005. pp 210 - 211
  • Identification of Cryptosporidium parvum genotype 2 in domestic horses
    R M Chalmers, A L Thomas, B A Butler , M C G Davies Morel. Veterinary Record. Vol. 156. No.2. January 8, 2005. pp 49-50
  • Decontaminating swimming pools and managing cryptosporidium
    Brian Coll. Recreation. Vol 63. No. 4. May 2004
  • The Elderly and Waterborne Cryptosporidium Infection: Gastroenteritis Hospitalizations before and during the 1993 Milwaukee Outbreak
    Elena N. Naumova, Andrey I. Egorov, Robert D. Morris, and Jeffrey K. Griffiths. Emerging Infectious Diseases. Vol. 9 No. 4 April 2003

  • Cost of Illness in the 1993 Waterborne Cryptosporidium Outbreak, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Phaedra S. Corso, Michael H. Kramer, Kathleen A. Blair, David G. Addiss, Jeffrey P. Davis, and Anne C. Haddix. Emerging Infectious Diseases. Vol. 9 No. 4 April 2003

  • Outbreak of Cryptosporidium in a public water supply in County Westmeath, Ireland
    Marie Gillooly. Environmental Health Scotland. Vol 15 (4). 2003. pp 10-15

  • Identification of Cryptosporidium parvum ‘cattle’ genotype from a severe outbreak of neonatal foal diarrhoea
    Veterinary Record. Vol. 153. No.20. November 15, 2003. pp 628-630
  • Bench-marking Pool Water Treatment for coping with Cryptosporidium
    R Gregory. C.Eng, MIChemE, MCIWEM, WRc plc, Swindon. Journal of Environmental Health Research. Vol.1 Iss. 1 February 2002
    Bench-marking Pool Water Treatment for coping with Cryptosporidium 

  • Enhancing surveillance of cryptosporidiosis: test all faecal specimens from children
    P Crook, R Mayon-White, M Reacher Communicable Disease and Public Health. Vol 5. No. 2 June 2002 pp 112-113

  • Laboratory ascertainment of Cryptosporidium and local authority policies for investigating sporadic cases of cryptosporidiosis in two regions of the United Kingdom
    RM Chalmers, S Hughes, AL Thomas, S Woodhouse, PD Thomas, P Hunter Communicable Disease and Public Health. Vol 5. No. 2 June 2002 pp 114-118

  • Cryptosporidium Oocysts in a Water Supply Associated with a Cryptosporidiosis Outbreak
    Emerging Infectious Diseases. Vol 8. No. 6 pp 619-624. June 2002 Andrew D. Howe, Sue Forster, et al

  • Occurrence of Cryptosporidium in agricultural surface waters during an annual farming cycle in lowland UK
    AT Bodley-Tickell, SE Kitchen, AP Sturdee. Water Research 36 (2002) 1880-1886

  • Managing a large outbreak of cryptosporidiosis: how to investigate and when to decide to lift a 'boil water' notice
    SL Harrison, R Nelder, L Hayek, IF Mackenzie, DP Casemore, D Dance. Communicable Disease and Public Health. Vol 5. No. 3. September 2002. pp 230-239
  • Cryptosporidiosis in Malawi: Preliminary results of a study into the incidence of cryptosporidiosis in paediatric patients in rural and urban areas of Malawi
    T D Thomson, A M Grimason, K C Tembo, Z Banda, R Mwenda & R Chapepa. Environmental Health Scotland. Winter 2002
  • Regulating Cryptosporidium - the first year
    ENDS Report 314. March 2001. pp 27-30

  • Possible undetected outbreaks of cryptosporidiosis in areas of the North West of England supplied by an unfiltered surface water source
    P Hunter, Q Syed, EN Naumova. Commun Dis Public Health 2001: 4; 136-138
  • Effect of a boil water notice on behaviour in the management of a water contamination incident
    M O'Donnell, C Platt, R Aston. Communicable Disease and Public Health. Vol.3 No.1 March 2000. pp58-59

  • Advice on the response from public and environmental health to the detection of cryptosporidial oocysts in treated drinking water
    PR Hunter. Communicable Disease and Public Health. Vol.3 No.1 March 2000. pp24-27

  • Compliance with advice to boil drinking water during an outbreak of cryptosporidiosis
    LJ Willocks, F Sufi, R Wall, C Seng, AV Swan for the Outbreak Investigation Team Communicable Disease and Public Health. Vol. 3. No. 2. June 2000. pp137-138

  • Implications and importance of genotyping Cryptosporidium
    Rachel Chalmers, Kristen Elwin. Communicable Disease and Public Health. Vol.3. No.3. September 2000. pp 155-157
  • Cryptosporidium: the experts give their opinion (about the Bouchier report)
    D Clapham. Environmental Health (EHJ). Volume 107. Issue 4. April 1999. pp114-115
  • Outbreak of Cryptosporidiosis associated with a swimming pool in Andover.
    T Sundkvist, M Dryden, R Gabb, N Soltanpoor, D Casemore, J Stuart. Communicable Disease Report. Vol 7. Review No. 12. 14 November 1997. R190-R192
  • Cryptosporidium and giardia lamblia in private water supplies
    David Clapham & Natasha Franklin. Environmental Health (EHJ). Volume 106. Issue 6. June 1998
  • Outbreak of waterborne giardiasis caused by sewage contamination of drinking water
    Peter M. Wallis, Brian Primrose & William J. Robertson. Environmental Health Review. Summer 1998. pp 44-51
  • Investigation of an outbreak of cryptosporidiosis associated with treated surface water finds limits to the value of case control studies
    PR Hunter, C Quigley. Communicable Disease and Public Health. Vol 1. No 4. December 1998. pp 234-238
  • A large outbreak of Cryptosporidiosis associated with a public water supply from a deep chalk borehole
    L Willocks, A Crampin, L Milne, C Seng, M Susman, R Gair, M Moulsdale, S Shafi, R Wall, R Wiggins, N Lightfoot. Communicable Disease and Public Health. Vol 1. No 4. December 1998. pp 239-243
  • Molecular characterisation of Cryptosporidium parvum from two large suspected waterborne outbreaks
    S Patel, S Pedraza-Diaz, J McLauchlin, DP Casemore. Communicable Disease and Public Health. Vol 1. No 4. December 1998. pp 231-233
  • Cryptosporidium and the safety of our water supplies
    David P Casemore. Communicable Disease and Public Health. Vol 1. No 4. December 1998. pp 218-219
  • Cryptosporidiosis outbreak associated with an educational farm holiday
    M R Evans, D Garner. Communicable Disease Report. Vol 6. Review No. 3. 1 March 1996. R50-R51
  • Cryptosporidium in water supplies. The second report of the Badenoch Committee
    David Clapham. Environmental Health. Vol. 104. No. 4. April 1996. pp119-121
  • Cryptosporidiosis in children who visited an open farm
    GM Sayers, MC Dillon, E Connolly, L Thornton, E Hyland, E Loughman, MA O'Mahony, KM Butler. Communicable Disease Report. Vol 6. Review No. 10. 13 September 1996. R140-R144
  • A mixed outbreak of cryptosporidium and campylobacter infection associated with a private water supply
    L.A Duke, A.S Breathnach, D.R Jenkins, B.A Harkis & A.W Codd. Epidemiology and Infection. (1996) 11, pp 303-308
  • Waterborne Cryptosporidiosis associated with a borehole supply
    D Morgan, M Allaby, S Crook, D Casemore, TD Healing, N Soltanpoor, S Hill, W Hooper. Communicable Disease Report. Volume 5. Review Number 7. 23 June 1995. R93-R97

  • Disinfection of public pools and management of fecal accidents
    Richard S. Kebabjian. Journal of Environmental Health. Vol. 58, Number 1. July/August 1995. pp 8-12
  • Cryptosporidiosis in infancy and childhood mortality in Guinea Bissau, West Africa
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    R De Leon, JB Rose, A Bosch, F Torrella, CP Gerba. International Journal of Environmental Health Research. 3, (1993) pp 121-129
  • Nosocomial outbreak of cryptosporidiosis in AIDS patients
    Pernille Ravn, Jens D Lundgren, Poul Kjaeldgaard, Winnie Holten-Anderson, Niels Højlyng, Jens Ole Nielsen, Johannes Gaub. British Medical Journal. Vol. 302. 2 February 1991. pp 277-280
  • Cryptosporidium in cats: prevalence of infection in doestic and feral cats in the Glasgow area
    MMA Mtambo, AS Nash, DA Blewett, HV Smith, S Wright. The Veterinary Record. December 7, 1991. pp 502-504
  • Cryptosporidiosis in England and Wales: prevalence clinical and epidemiological features
    Public Health Laboratory Service Study group. British Medical Journal. Vol. 300. 24 March 1990. pp 774-777
  • Waterborne Cryptosporidiosis and environmental health
    AM Grimason, HV Smith, PG Smith, ME Jackson, RWA Girdwood. Environmental Health. Volume 98. Issue 9. September 1990. pp 228-232
  • Cryptosporidiosis
    DP Casemore Environmental Health. Volume 93. No. 5 May 1985
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