Climate change and water

Both floods and droughts have an impact on human health so any increase in these as a result of climate change will lead to increased health problems. Amongst the predicted possible effects of climate change on water quality are the following:

  • Extreme rainfall events may lead to higher numbers of bacteria and pathogens in surface waters
  • In drought areas there may be an increased likelihood of contaminated surface water reaching groundwater through the opening of short circuits as a result of a lowered water table.
  • Increased temperature and nutrient concentrations in surface water could lead to cyanobacterial blooms occurring more often.
  • Higher temperatures may affect the efficiency of chemical coagulation which could lead to the decreased removal of microbes by subsequent clarification and filtration.

Information sources

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Marine Climate Change Impacts Programme 

The United Kingdom Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership (MCCIP) brings together scientists, government, its agencies and NGOs to provide co-ordinated advice on climate change impacts around the coast and in the seas.

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Miscellaneous references throughout the book

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Journal Articles

Bathing water disease risk may increase under climate change
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