Climate change and food safety

Amongst possible effects of climate change on food safety are the following:

  An increase in food poisoning cases
  An increase in pest contaminants
  Drought conditions may cause power crises and power cuts – impact on refrigeration
  Heavy rainfall may wash farmland contaminants into reservoirs
  Algal blooms may contaminate seafood
  Bacteria in animal feeds may multiply much faster

Other possible effects could be

  A general loss of food production
  A decrease in crop productivity in hotter areas
  Shorter growing seasons leading to food shortages

Information sources

UK Government reports

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Report of the Expert Group on Climate Change and Health in the UK
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International reports

Climate change: implications for food safety
Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)
Rome 2008

Considers the following areas:

  Crop production
  Animal production
  Food handling, processing, trading

Considers the following issues:

  Bacteria & viruses
  Toxigenic fungi
  Algal blooms
  Environmental contaminants & chemical residues
  Emergency situations

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NGO reports

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Link to Earthscan publications via Routledge

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