The CIEH’s role

In seeking to improve standards of health and safety, the CIEH works in partnership with a wide range of organisations including the HSE, other professional bodies, heath and safety consultants and trainers and local authorities.

Our activities include: 

  • The provision of education and training. The CIEH is the UK’s leading provider of accredited qualifications in health and safety. We provide training for employers and workers at all levels in general and specific health and safety competency awareness
  • Raising awareness of health and safety through our publications
  • Input into the Health and Safety Executive's strategy 
  • Responding to health and safety consultations to ensure the environmental health profession’s experience and expertise is reflected in the development of health and safety policies 

Our health and safety policy framework enshrines eight core beliefs: 

  1. That the health and safety of workers and those involved in workplace activities (occupational health and safety) is a core contributor to the environmental health discipline 
  2. That work related injuries and cases of work related ill-health should be regarded as  preventable, through the application of readily available advice and the application of sensible risk management 
  3. That people going to work or to workplaces have a right to expect to be able to leave that work or workplace as fit and healthy as when they arrived. 
  4. That environmental health practitioners should continue, upon qualification, to hold an underpinning knowledge and skill set in the fundamentals of occupational health and safety. 
  5. That significant reduction of occupational health and safety risks is most likely to be achieved through a combination of: 
  • The ongoing education of workers, supervisors, managers and employers in all workplaces 
  • Access to authoritative and professional advice, training and consultancy services 
  •  Firm but fair regulation and enforcement from a competent, appropriately resourced regulatory workforce 
  •  The education of the public, especially young people, in understanding risk and how to manage it as a life skill.  
  1. That all the CIEH members should act responsibly and professionally by promoting the delivery of high standards of occupational health and safety standards as employees, supervisors, managers or employers themselves. 
  2. That the CIEH members who have current occupational health and safety competence, should seek opportunities to educate others beyond their formal job role, such as through the CIEH regional structure, and in voluntary organisations. 
  3. That the most effective overarching strategy for the CIEH (and its members) to be able to reduce risk in the workplace will be through active and purposeful partnership with government agencies, the private sector, and other professional bodies and organisations. 
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