Candidates appointed to brand new CIEH Air Quality Panel

CIEH is pleased to announce that 20 members have been appointed to the brand new Air Quality Panel following an unprecedented response for applicants. 

air quality 

Air quality is a major issue of the day and CIEH wants to have a more prominent voice on the subject amongst key decision-makers, thought leaders and politicians.

To achieve this ambitious aim, CIEH asked both members and the wider environmental health community in December to respond to a survey, asking for their thoughts on the topic, their experience and whether they would like to join a CIEH Air Quality Community.

Members were also asked if they wanted to join a member-led Air Quality Panel to help drive CIEH’s policy and campaigning activities.

In under a month, CIEH received 186 responses to the survey and 58% of respondents were members.

The survey asked participants what they thought were important air quality issues. A broad range of opinions came back to CIEH including the complaint that Government was not providing effective leadership, that work needs to be done to ensure the planning system is used to its full extent to mitigate pollution, local authorities should be provided with greater financial support and there needs to be better education on the subject, in particular for children.  

Debbie Wood, Executive Director of Membership & Professional Development, said that CIEH is currently engaging with everyone who responded positively to the survey about joining the Air Quality Community and or the Panel and would welcome further input from members who would like to contribute to our work in this area.

“The response rate was quite remarkable, demonstrating the level of interest amongst the professional community in this field. It was also extremely pleasing to see so many people willing to help CIEH raise its voice in this important area,” said Debbie Woods.

 “The next step is for us to convene the panel for an inaugural meeting before kick-starting our campaigning activities based on a robust, engaging and modern policy position built on the views and opinions of a broad section of our membership and the wider environmental health community.”

For further information on CIEH’s activities around air quality, contact Tony Lewis 

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