• John Barnes - Strategic Advisor, Shield Safety Group
  • Sqn Leader Gareth Bean - EHP
  • Tim Everett - CIEH President
  • Phil Farrington - Head of Food Safety, Harrods
  • Justine Fuller - Environmental Health Manager, Guildford Council
  • Ellie Greenwood - Senior Adviser, Local Government Association
  • Jonathan Hayes - Risk Management Director, Moto Hospitality
  • Nick Howard - Public Protection Manager, Lancaster City Council
  • Nick Long - Public Protection Director, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council
  • Peter Mather - Regional Safety Partner, Sainsbury's
  • Les Milne - Consultant, Assembly Representative North East Region
  • Lt Col Gareth Moore - EHP
  • Annie Sargent - Environmental Health Manager, Dartford and Sevenoaks
  • Ellis Turner - Environmental Health Manager, Islington Council
  • Mark Vyse - Student Assembly Representative rep, Flintshire County Council
  • Lt Cdr John Wood - EHP


Our team of 16 judges have each been selected because of their experience and knowledge of environmental health. A minimum of two judges are assigned to each category to ensure objectivity and impartiality.


To avoid conflicts of interest, no judge is permitted to consider entries from a company / person they are associated with. To ensure the privacy of the information you submit, each judge has signed a Confidentiality Agreement.

Judging Process

After the entry deadline of Tuesday 13 June, the judges will be sent the entries in the category they have been assigned. NB: It is at this point that judges will inform CIEH of any potential conflicts of interest. Each judge will consider the entries on their own before coming together with their fellow judge/s to jointly agree on a shortlist and winner (they may choose to also award a Highly Commended). If they are not able to come to a joint decision, the decision will be deferred to the Chair of Judges.

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